Hawaiian Q&A with William Eads

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While the Blue Raiders are practicing at home in preparation for the 2016 Hawaii Bowl, GoBlueRaiders.com will talk to various players about their upcoming trip to the island. Today's brief Q&A is with long snapper William Eads.
Have you ever been to Hawaii?
No, I have never been to Hawaii.
What's one thing you're looking forward to other than the weather?
I'm really looking forward to going to Pearl Harbor. I don't know if it is going to be one of our team events, but if not I'm going to find some time to go over there.
What are your feelings on pineapple and spam?
I've had both of them, but I don't know about them together. I like pineapple.
Are you looking forward to Hawaii more than you were the Bahama's last year?
It's probably about the same. I think it's exciting for the guys who wouldn't be able to go there on their own without football.
How will you keep yourself busy on the flight?
Hopefully sleep. Maybe they'll have a movie going or I can get one on my laptop, but hopefully sleep.
Who has the best hula dance on the team?
I think Vernon Walker might be a good hula dancer. He's pretty crazy.
How many Hawaiian shirts do you own?
I don't have any. I think we get one for the bowl gift, so that's exciting.
What special teams guy is most likely to throw on a coconut bra when you're there?
Crews Holt without a doubt.
Are you looking forward to any water activities?
We talked about going snorkeling, but that's about it. We aren't planning to go too crazy in the water.
What's your favorite beach activity?
Just lounging. I'm scared of sharks, so I don't get down too deep in the water.
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