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BRAA announces NEXT LEVEL Campaign

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MURFREESBORO – Middle Tennessee fans have experienced the BEST MARCH in the history of Blue Raider Athletics.  Our men's and women's basketball teams have shown that we are THE programs to take notice of and can compete at the sports highest level. 
We are excited about where our programs are going and we recognize that in order to sustain the level of excellence and excitement that our donors and fans have experienced during this "Magical March" we must COMMIT to helping our programs move to the NEXT LEVEL.  With your help the BRAA can and WILL be the driving force behind our programs continued success and we will continue to experience NEXT LEVEL success.
The NEXT LEVEL CAMPAIGN is designed to encourage and promote EARLY BRAA renewals and EARLY basketball season ticket renewals!  BRAA members can be a part of the NEXT LEVEL CAMPAIGN by doing the following
-  Renewing your BRAA membership AND increasing to the NEXT giving LEVEL by May 30, 2016.
For those BRAA members that meet those two criteria we will gift you ONE additional season ticket to men's or women's basketball for the 2016-2017 season.
If you are interested in becoming a BRAA member and want to participate in the NEXT LEVEL Campaign you may do so by
-          Joining the BRAA at the $500 level or higher
-          Purchasing at least ONE basketball season ticket
We will then gift you ONE men's basketball or women's basketball season ticket for the 2016-2017 season.
We think this is an excellent opportunity to convert occasional fans into full time investors in the program that we all love and want to see succeed at the highest level.  The excitement and pride that our community has felt over the last few weeks is something that we want to capture and replicate with all of our programs. 
This is the first step to moving us to that sustained level of excellence!
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